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save our schools


Save our Schools is a fashion art program created after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting. “Save Our Schools” encourages youth and families to adopt the philosophy of “You are What you Wear” encouraging lawmakers, politicians, school administrators, and the community-at-large to adopt a stronger commitment to saving our schools from violence.

bekind campaign

Just Be Kind.

The BeKind campaign is a fashion art campaign that encourages people to give the greatest FREE gift they can give. The gift of kindness. Choosing kindness, peace, love and non-violence are all choices that can change the world and save lives. The Save our Schools, The BeKind Campaign and the Peace+Love brand all support the mission of Peace+Love Worldwide’s mission of using the fusion of fashion and arts to invoke and incite positive change!

peace+love school tour


Peace+Love has conducted the Peace+Love school tour since 2005. A 90-minute program that engages youth in the power of their choices – by making better choices they can change their life and their community. Students participating in the Art of Peace+Love Interactive, Youth-engagement School Tour program participate in an interactive conversation about their community, anger management, and the power of making better choices.

A Better You

Peace + Love seeks to create a collaborative partnership with education communities and the student population to integrate the teachings of life as it pertains to the mission and understanding of Peace + Love.
When you hear the term PTSD most times it connected to a veteran. Often times we don’t connect PTSD to the loss of a love one, the absence of a parent, or the loss of a friend. The “A Better You” program uses an art-based integrative conversive approach to engaging students in life based learning ingrained in the Peace+Love mission. To learn more about “A Better You” or to schedule the program email info@wearepeaceandlove.com

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Find out more about what’s happening everyday at Peace+Love.